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What Hurts The Most
My best friends Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James were leaving I wanted to be happy but I was really devastated that they were leaving. I was ready to tell Carlos my feelings for him but he'll be leaving me for five years and it hurts not telling him how I felt.
"You're leaving for five years in Europe and you never told me?" I said sternly
"How did you know that we were leaving?" he asked me
"Kendall, James, and Logan" I replied
"Sorry if I never told you " he said weakly
"You should've told me but I guess I'm too good for you" I said storming away all the way to my house
When I got to my room I started to cry then a while later I felt a buzz in my back pocket it was a text from Kendall which was good because I didn't have to deal with Carlos talking to me
Kendall: Can we hang out tomorrow at your house?
Me: Dude we have been best friends since we were two years old of course you can come over 
Kendall: True but we're sorry that we have to leave so soon 
Me: It's ok but I'll
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"Ali"my foster mother waking me up
"I'm getting ready"I said yawning
I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I stripped out of my clothes and jumped into the hot shower I put on a penguin over the shoulder top, white tank top, black skinny jeans, and dc skateboard shoes. When I got out I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door I walked to school because it was literally across the street. As I got there I walked to my first period class English my favorite subject. I was writing a song until someone tapped me on the shoulder
"Um excuse me but do you mind if I sit next to you?"he asked me
"Not not at all by the way my name is Alice but you can call me Ali for short"I replied
There was a silence between us until he broke it
"My name is James"he said
I smiled and just nodded my head at least I made a new friend because I moved to California from Ohio but still I miss my old friends.
When school was over I ran home and took out my song book I started to cry because my par
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I Hate Myself For Loving You
"Ughh I hope he didn't stood me up again for some other girl like he did when we were on that cruise"I said talking to myself
"Maybe he's busy"I heard Alvin say
"Why do you care?"I said 
"I'm just saying"he replied
I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and went up to my room to ease my nerves a little with my favorite kind of music.I had almost fallen asleep until someone tapped on my window.
"Did you stood me up again?"I asked Justin
"Why would you think that Carly?"he questioned me
"I don't know"I said giving him a kiss on the lips but for some reason something didn't feel right
"You know I want to see Step Up 3 at the movie theaters"he said
"Ok dad I'm going to the movies I'll come back later"I said
"See you later"Dave replied
"Leggo"I said
As we got to the movies I saw my other childhood best friend Jessica and I gave her a big hug
"Jessie I'm missed you so much I haven't seen you in forever"I said to her
"Oh my gosh Carly I've missed you to"she said
"Do you want to w
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'My Chipwrecked Vacation'
Me, dad, the munks and ettes were going on a vacation but I forgot dad said where I wish he didn't adopt those chipmunks because they're getting on my nerves right now if you know what I mean. Dave isn't my biological father my real parents passed away in a car accident when I was 2 years old.
"Why are we going on vacation?"I asked
"To get away from the all the hot girls"Alvin replied
"Hush up I wasn't asking you"I snapped at Alvin
"Carly?"dad glared at me using the nickname I really hate when I say a smart remark. My real name is Carolina.
"Yes daddy?"I asked
"Be nice"he said
"Fine whatever"I said
I hated it when he treated me like a kid and I'm only 17. I brought 3 things that I can't live without my iPod, book, and most of all my security blanket that I sleep with secretly. The reason why I don't tell anyone because I'm afraid that they'll make fun of me and call me a baby but the only one who won't is Theo because he's just too cute. Were boarding the ship right now and the captain
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'Who's That Girl'
I thought I was the only one for Austin but I was wrong because I found out from Tyrone and Pablo that he was dating another girl named Brittany. I didn't want to go to school today but my mom told me I had to. As I walked through the door I went straight to my locker and I started to cry. I was crying so hard that I didn't even know that Simon and Theodore were giving me hugs and Jeanette and Eleanor were comforting me. After that I headed straight to my first period which is guitar lessons at least my two best friends take that class with me their names are Tasha and Helena.
"Hey guys"I said to both of them 
"What's up"Helena
"Bad"I said
"You should date a new boy"Tasha
"Maybe I should but I don't see any boy that catches my eye"I said
"Maybe there'll be a boy"Helena said
"Maybe you're right"I said
"Turn around"a voice said 
I turned around to see a chipmunk in red he's Simon and Theodore's brother. 
"Hey Alvin"I said 
"I heard what happened"he said 
"Oh"I sa
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The Little Werewolf Chapter 5
"He knows" Kolwaski gasped
"Oh who could be the lucky werewolf be" Jack said to himself silently twirling the flower in his hand. When he saw Kolwaski standing there he stopped and told Kolwaski to come.
"Kolwaski" Jack called
"Hmm" Kolwaski said nervously
"I know you've been keeping something from me" Jack said smirking 
"Keeping something from you"Kolwaski said nervously
"About Uniqua" Jack said
When Jack said that Kolwaski's knees started shaking.
"I've told her that the humans are evil but she won't listen" Kolwaski blurted out.
"What about humans" Jack said angrily
"I-I didn't say anything about humans" Kolwaski chuckled nervously
Simon had a surprise for Uniqua in their cave
"Come on Simon what is it" Uniqua begged
"It's a surprise" Simon said
When Uniqua saw the statue of Alvin she was in awe
"Simon you're the best it looks just like him" Uniqua said
"Why Alvin run away with you that's so sudden" Uniqua said while giggling but she stopped because she saw Jack in the doorway
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The Little Werewolf Chapter 4
Uniqua jumped into the water to save Alvin. She dragged him onto shore and making sure he was alright and still alive. Uniqua was hearing his foot but frowned because she thought he was dead then Jeanette came and wondered why Uniqua was sad
"What happened?" Jeanette
"I wonder if he's still alive can you check if he's alright" Uniqua said hoping
Jeanette checked his foot instead of his chest
"I can't make a heart beat" Jeanette said sadly
"No wait he's breathing and he's so handsome" Uniqua said cheerfully
Kolwaski saw this and dropped his jaw and Jeanette closed it for him.
Uniqua was watching Alvin in awe until he woke up. When Uniqua heard Snoopy barking she hid behind a big rock. Buttercup came and picked up Alvin 
"Where's Brianna?"Alvin asked
"She's at the palace taking a nap"Buttercup replied
"This girl saved me she had the most beautiful voice"Alvin said and he almost fainted but Buttercup caught him just in time
"You probably swallowed too much sea water" Buttercup said t
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Happy Halloween by Auniqua101 Happy Halloween :iconauniqua101:Auniqua101 0 4 Coraline Rabbit by Auniqua101 Coraline Rabbit :iconauniqua101:Auniqua101 3 10 Eminem Collage by Auniqua101 Eminem Collage :iconauniqua101:Auniqua101 0 0
The Little Werewolf Chapter 3
"Why do I always have to look after her"Kolwaski said in his mind.When he went to look for Uniqua she was looking around making sure she and Simon weren't being followed.
"I wonder what Uniqua is up to"he followed her but quickly hid so Uniqua wouldn't see him.She opened a rock to a hidden cave Kolwaski got inside as quickly as he can.When he got inside he was really shocked that Uniqua had a lot of human stuff such as books,dolls, and a purple iPod. 
"Maybe Jack's right,maybe there is something wrong but how can a world that makes such wonderful things could be so bad"Uniqua said sadly.
"What do you suppose"when she saw light coming outside she was awestrucked.Kolwaski Was going to ask what happened but when he saw a ship he knew there was humans on the boat.
"Oh wow"but when Kolwaski saw Uniqua going towards the ship he tried to stop her but it was too late.When Uniqua got to the boat she  saw people dancing and when she looked to her right she saw a chipmunk named Alvin.
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Justin Bieber
Roses are red
Violets are blue
No mom Justin 
Bieber does not
Love you.
He's always in
The spotlight,
Girls go crazy
Whenever he's 
In sight.
Many girls have 
A disease 
Caused by Bieber
Best known as
Bieber Fever.
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The Little Werewolf Chapter 2
"Jeanette!!"Uniqua shouted.
"Hi Uni how are you doing?"Jeanette asked 
"Can you tell us what this is?"Uniqua said pulling the doll out of rosy pink messenger bag.
"Sure it's a doll which is a toy that little girls like to play with"Jeanette replied.
"Wow you're really good"Simon said.
"Thanks besides do you have a concert to go to?"Jeanette replied.
"Oh my gosh the concert Jack is going to kill me"Uniqua said with a fast tone.
"Bye Uni and bye Simon"Jeanette said when she saw them disappear in the woods.
Meanwhile while they were walking they heard a sound in the bushes.
"It fells like we're being watched"Simon said in a warning tone.
"Don't worry Simon I'm right behind you"Uniqua said.
"Are you sure Uniqua?"Simon asked.
When he didn't hear Uniqua he turned around and saw that she wasn't there.
"I wonder where she went"Simon said in his mind.
While he was walking he saw a python that almost ate Uniqua.
"Hey let go of her you dumb python"Simon said trying to save his best friend.Fi
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The Little Werewolf Chapter 1
It was a dark haunted night in the old library. Then a werewolf named Uniqua along with her best friend named Simon. Uniqua has hazel brown fur wearing a dark blue jean short  skirt,black leggings above the knee,a light purple tank top with a short sleeve jacket, and has dark purple eyes. Simon who's a vampire with sharp fangs,black hair,wearing a dark blue polo shirt,black jeans,and has green eyes. They were going to the library because Uniqua loves to read and collects human stuff.
"Uniqua what are you doing?"Simon asked his best friend.
"I want to see that old uh...cave"Uniqua replied back.
"Uniqua you're going to get both of us in trouble"Simon said.
"You're not getting cold fangs are you?"Uniqua asked.
"No but I'm just saying we shouldn't be here"Simon said.
"Ok maybe you can stay out and watch for ghosts"Uniqua replied.
"Ok you go in and I'll watch for what Uniqua"Simon said.
"Oh Simon don't be such a scaredy bat"Uniqua giggled.
"I'm not scared we shouldn't be lurking or dan
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'Face Down'
I've been dating my abusive boyfriend Alvin for three years and my best friend Austin has been telling me to break up with him. I tell him "I can't because I love him and he always tells me he'll never hurt me again"
"Uniqua if he loves you then how come he yells at you" he asked
"I-I don't know" I lied
"Uniqua I know-"I got cut off by Alvin Uniqua's abusive boyfriend
"Bye Austin"I said
After we got into the car Alvin slapped me across the face and it didn't even hurt because he's done it lots of time and he asked me why I was talking to Austin.
"Why were you talking to Austin when I told you not to be anywhere near him"he said while he was mad.
"I know and I'm sorry"I replied
"I'm sorry for slapping you in the face like I always do and I promise I won't do that again"he replied.
"It's ok"even though he always says that and I want to get mad at him but I can't because he's so good-looking and I love him very much even though he abuses me. When Alvin dropped me off at my house I got a t
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'Not That Far Away'
I had to move to Los Angeles which is in California because I became a famous country singer and I started to miss my mom. My home was a pretty nice apartment and I started putting my stuff away when I was putting it away I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door it was my best friend Austin I was just so happy to see him.
"Austin what are you doing here?"I asked 
"Hi Uniqua I live in the apartment also"he replied
"Oh cool were neighbors and were's Tasha,Tyrone,and Pablo"I asked 
"They're at the coffee shop"Austin 
"Let's go then"I said 
When we went to the coffee shop Pablo,Tyrone,and Tasha were so happy to see me. They gave me a big tight hug because I haven't see them since high school and we were best friends since we were two. We were all eighteen and starting college in the fall and it was the middle of June. My friends were asking me why I was in California and I told them I came up here for my singing career and I had to leave my mom behind. They a
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Bad Little Boy + Good Little Girl by May204 Bad Little Boy + Good Little Girl :iconmay204:May204 228 18 Those Demon Eyes by Pink4Evurrr Those Demon Eyes :iconpink4evurrr:Pink4Evurrr 216 40 STFU by Chami-ryokuroi STFU :iconchami-ryokuroi:Chami-ryokuroi 533 104 Fio and Marsh by HNRat Fio and Marsh :iconhnrat:HNRat 36 13 How Wonderful by NightmareMiku How Wonderful :iconnightmaremiku:NightmareMiku 725 15 bubba s reaction to bad littlee boy by Lezzette bubba s reaction to bad littlee boy :iconlezzette:Lezzette 687 86 Marsh x Fionna by Niky-Chan Marsh x Fionna :iconniky-chan:Niky-Chan 110 14 Marshall Lee Gif. by AndyNessaDoof Marshall Lee Gif. :iconandynessadoof:AndyNessaDoof 183 19 Anime/Cartoon eyes (+tutorials?) by SpadesArts Anime/Cartoon eyes (+tutorials?) :iconspadesarts:SpadesArts 9,075 566 What Time Is It? by theCHAMBA What Time Is It? :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 12,291 688 Austhana by Laaura-TE Austhana :iconlaaura-te:Laaura-TE 22 14


A white woman, about 51 years old, was seated next to a black man on an airplane. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air hostess.
"Madam, what is the matter?" The hostess asked.
"You obviously do not see it." She responded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat."
"Be calm please," the hostess replied "Almost all the places on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another place is available."
The hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. "Ma'am, I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is also not seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one place in the first class." Before the woman could stay something, the hostess continued, "It is not usual for our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that is would scandalous to make someone sit next to someone so disgusting."
The hostess turned to the black man and said "Therefore, Sir, if you would like to, please collect your hand luggage, a seat awaits you in first class."
At that moment, the other passengers who were shocked by what they had just witnessed and stood up and applauded.
served her right!!!!



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